Company History

Founded in 1988, EPRAV began as a regional company dedicated to high quality audio visual production services. Our first client as the Rhode Island Special Olympics, who remain a client and also the number one supported charity of both our company and our owner personally.

In the years following its founding, the company grew due to our unparalleled attention to detail and client care. We realized that we needed to expand beyond the New England borders due to the needs of our clients who held events in multiple locations. We found that we could offer superior service and consistency for our clients by growing to a National-level service provider.

Rather than merely an equipment rental company, we grew into a full-scale production company with pre-production and post-production capabilities, employing the highest level of technicians available. We tested new technologies as they emerged, including the best of these technologies into our portfolio of services.

By 1995, EPRAV had acquired a tremendous amount of expertise in the design, construction, and implementation of staging, lighting, and sound design to produce memorable and dynamic shows. This new creativity, coupled with the latest in equipment technology, propelled us into the 21st Century at the top of our industry.

In the otherwise stagnant economy, EPRAV continues to grow due to the extraordinary quality and value we offer to our expanding client base. 2012 was our most productive year, with over 300 events produced on a local and National level.

Key advantages to using EPRAV and its services

EPRAV provides all technical labor and equipment from its local office. We have 8 warehouses located nationally, as well as master price agreements with over 80 affiliated companies. This ensures that there is always backup equipment available if necessary, as well as a full complement of staffing for any size event.

To guarantee flawless execution of your event and ensure quality and consistency, all aspects of production are performed by EPRAV personnel.

At EPRAV, we own all of our equipment and buildings outright, carrying no debt. This benefits you by enabling us to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you.

EPRAV is fully self-contained. This means we provide all audio, video, and even wireless internet without relying on venue support.

We provide a complimentary Cyber Café for your use. This is a service for you and your attendees to use outside the general session or in other public areas to check emails, etc.

For events where you have exhibitors, we offer a discount of 20% of the rental fee for any audio/visual equipment they may need. This can be credited to you or passed along to your exhibitors.

Key advantages compared to “preferred” venue a/v companies

As price is always a leading consideration, we can assure you a much lower price than the on-site company. This is due to the fact that the preferred a/v vendors achieve that status by paying the venue a large commission per event (normally 50%). Their price must be higher to accommodate this. Additionally, you will often find tax, overtime, surcharges, etc. on quotations received from these companies ranging on average from 22%-30%. EPRAV charges none of these fees and pays no commission to the venue. In the rare event that the venue reduces their pricing to be in line with other proposals, we offer a 10% pricing guarantee at a minimum.

Another reason to consider EPRAV is we are exclusive to your event. That means you have a team of technicians in or outside the rooms to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If a presenter accidentally turns a microphone off, a laptop goes to sleep, etc, we are there. With the venue’s vendor, they oversee multiple simultaneous events and the response time will be much longer. Additionally, they go home at night, whereas we stay on-site, making us more local. If a presenter wants to practice their presentation at 3:00 am, we’ll be there.

The last point is regarding the level of service. We will simply do a better job. I want to work with you, not only on this event, but on future events. We produce events in every venue in the US and Canada and our team will constantly be evaluating equipment and set-up to offer ways of improving future conferences while keeping costs to a minimum. The vendor hired by the venue will be planning the next conference that is coming in, rather than YOUR next conference.


Key Personnel

Michael Hackett – President
Mike is responsible for the daily operations of EPRAV including venue and labor negotiations, human resources, accounting, and logistics. He has been with EPRAV since 2005.

Ryan Eagan – National Sales Director
Ryan is the direct liaison between EPRAV and our Clients. He has 20+ years of sales and management experience. His main priority is to assure a perfect event with the highest level of service, and has a strong focus on planning, organization and logistics.

Steven McLaughlin – Technical Director
Steve has an Audio Engineering degree and specializes in producing large events. He has provided technical management for shows ranging in size from 100 to 12,000 attendees. He is primarily responsible for on-site production and supervision.

Richard Wolfe – Production Manager
Rick has over 30 years of event management experience. He is instrumental in all aspects of event management, including pre-production planning, on-site management, and post-production. His background includes both corporate a/v as well as large-scale entertainment production.

Jeffrey Butler – Chief Technology Officer
Jeff is the original owner of EPRAV and has been involved in the A/V industry for more than 30 years. He is ICIA certified, A1/V1 qualified, and Microsoft certified. He is responsible for the overall company operations.