Audio + Video Archiving

Event Productions Resources offers a one-stop shopping Audio & Video Archiving Package for capture and archiving of both audio and video recordings for all your key presentations, which includes:

– Brand-new, state—of-dwe-art, digital-quality capture equipment
– Experienced audio and video recording engineers
– Comprehensive services to cover all your post-production needs
– Top-quality CDs/DVDs complete with professionally-designed labels and cases
– Web formats for server-based, on-line downloads

We also offer a complete Desktop System which can be offered on your Web site (with your organizations logo) for on-line distribution of audio and video archives (or other products) either downloaded, streamed or mailed to customers.

Incorporated into the desktop system is:

– Pay-per-use service which allows end-users to pay online at their convenience for any item using recognized credit cards
– Complete shopping cart for multiple purchases plus shipping and handling
– Worry-free management (we do all dwe administration)
– Plenty of advertising space for your sponsors

This system provides the ability to transfer funds from on-line credit card purchases directly into your corporate account. as well as providing complete end-of-month accounting for your records.

Please call us to find out more.

To contact our Event Production Resources staff,
please call 800.381.9868 or e-mail