Presenter Bank

Better Meetings Through Better Technology!

Now you can manage all your presenters presentation materials for any event.

PresenterBank* is a web-based up loader which allows you to notify your presenters and collect
their photos, graphics, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word or other documents in
one place so you can easily download everything to your event computers with one mouse click!

PresenterBank for Presenters

A system allowing presenters to upload, store, retrieve and replace event presentations online.
A secure and intuitive web-based interface without any need for cumbersome, hard to
remember IDs and passwords.
Stores PowerPoint presentations, video/ audio format files previously integrated in the
Presenters can retrieve and review previous uploads and replace them with newer or revised
Old uploads automatically replaced with the latest version.

Presenter-Bank for Administrators

A completely secure system ensuring 100% privacy.
Records the names and e-mail addresses of all registered presenters.
E-mail reminders and notices to both the presenters and conference administrators.
Allows administrators to see who has or has not submitted their presentations and associated
Speaker release documentation, updates on event and other communications.
Toll-free number assistance for presenters.
Activates months before the event and stays active for a pre-determined period of time after
the event.
Handles over 800 gigabytes of data which equates to about 1,500 presentations and associated

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