Seamless Presentation

Work wonders with your speakers!

The Seamless Presentation Package

 An all inclusive system which allows your presenters to simply walk up to the podium, take the remote and
present with 100% confidence.
 Every segue is perfect with never a blank screen throughout the proceedings.
 Every speaker is totally prepared and in sync.
 Every piece of information is timely and every session is flawlessly paced.
 Never again annoy your audience with flickers, black or blank screens.
 Your audience sees only the highest quality, polished and professional presentations throughout the entire
 Allow your presenters to feel 100% confident throughout their presentations.
 Keep your attendees up to date on every important item throughout your event.
 Announce breaks, lunches, cocktails and dinners, companion programs, outside trips and housekeeping note
using inserted special slides.


The Seamless Presentation Package Includes:

 Special computers and other devices interconnected through a multiple input switcher and router.
 A master hard drive storage device which provides a totally glitch free source of up to 150 consecutive
 Capabilities to project web casts or web inputs, teleconferences, videos/audios, PowerPoints and almost
anything else video or audio.
 Total speaker support set up including confidence monitor and speaker timer.
 Complete quality control throughout every presentation or speech.
 Content which is pre loaded with absolutely no delays, interruptions or miscues which slow down the flow
of information.
 Enhanced IMAG version available which allows the audience to see the speaker on one of the screens
during their presentation.
Included at NO CHARGE to you!